For Your Radiation Shielding Needs

Custom Engineered Designs 

  • Using NSS high density DenseCRETE® heavyweight concrete eliminates the need for, and the high costs associated with, composite shields which can consist of combinations of lead, steel, concrete and polyethylene. DenseCRETE® alone is capable of attenuating the full range of ionizing high-energy radiation due to its extreme weight as well as its hydrogen and optional boron content. DenseCRETE® attenuates gamma, x-ray, proton, and neutron radiation all in a compact and relatively inexpensive footprint.

  • NSS never uses any lead in our high density heavyweight shielding products. Our products are all completely non-toxic and environmentally safe.

  • NSS's site-formed systems can be installed anywhere in the world using a local conventional mixing plant or our portable jobsite batching system.  

  • Should your project require radiation shielding blocks (ShieldBLOCK®), NSS sister company, Shielding Construction Solutions, Inc. (SCS), is equipped to install them.


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