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Radiation Shielding Materials

High Density (Heavyweight) CONCRETE

High Density (Heavyweight) concrete must be carefully proportioned so that it achieves its high density without segregation of the aggregate particles. Such segregation would lead to radiation streaming, which would defeat the purpose of the protective barrier. 

High Density (Heavyweight) BLOCKS (large and small)

Typical NSS high density (heavyweight) ShieldBLOCK® systems can be installed in as little as 2 to 3 weeks for a price that ranges from $250k to $350k in most locations in the United States or Canada.

High Density (Heavyweight) GROUT

ShieldBLOCK® and ShieldGROUT® are commonly used for construction of new accelerator vaults, as well as upgrades or additions where a higher energy machine is replacing an older unit or where a new machine in being installed in an unshielded or under-shielded room.

High Density (Heavyweight) AGGREGATES

A NSS mix design will typically include water, cement, high density (heavyweight) coarse aggregate, high density fine aggregate, admixtures and calculated fresh and dry densities.

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