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NSS High Density (Heavyweight) Aggregates

100% Natural and Environmentally Friendly


  • NSS has conducted several surveys in order to locate existing deposits of natural high density (heavyweight) aggregates around the world and has  developed joint ventures with several operating mines.

  • Minerals from these mines are imported, processed into suitable high density (heavyweight) aggregates and stockpiled.

  • Processing usually includes beneficiation, crushing, screening, drying and bagging.

  • NSS maintains stockpiles of these processed high density (heavyweight) aggregates at strategic locations around the world, in addition to those in the USA and Canada.

  • NSS HD fine and coarse aggregates can be delivered in Bulk or Bagged in Truck, Rail, Barge or Ocean Vessel.

  • NSS can meet delivery requirements on short notice anywhere.


HD Concrete Mixes: Custom Designed for your Project

Our experienced design team will support all the key players, to make your project a success.

  • The four main ingredients in concrete are fine aggregate, coarse aggregate, water and cement.

  • In addition to these, certain admixtures may be added to reduce water, increase strength, increase workability, reduce bleeding, reduce or increase air content, increase dispersability, etc.

  • A NSS mix design will typically include water, cement, high density (heavyweight) coarse aggregate, high density fine aggregate, admixtures and calculated fresh and dry densities.

  • Mix designs also include special placement advice.

  • NSS high density (heavyweight) aggregates are capable of producing heavyweight concrete with unit weights to 250 pounds per cubic foot, and up to 325 pounds per cubic foot with the further addition of NSS graded steel aggregates.

Mixing Supervision and Concrete Placement
  • NSS representatives are available to travel to individual work sites anywhere in the world.

  • Personal supervision during mixing and placement helps to ensure that operations proceed smoothly, and provides a level of comfort for project managers.

  • NSS's sister company Ballast Technologies, Inc. (BTI) owns and operates its own concrete mixers and high capacity pumps and is available to mobilize to any location where local ready mix plants are not available.

  • BTI has the experience, equipment and personnel to mix and place high density (heavyweight) concrete anywhere in the world.

NSS experts are available to supervise the execution of your project

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