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Pre-Cast Modular Nuclear Shielding Kits

Pre-engineered Design
3-Core Rectangular ShieldBLOCK®
Solid Rectangular ShieldBLOCK®
Interlocking ShieldBLOCK®
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Bi Parting ShieldDoor®

  Typical ShieldBLOCK® systems

  • can be installed in as little as 2 to 3 weeks

  • can be installed for a price that ranges from $250k to $350k in most locations in the United States or Canada

  • allow a Swing-type, Sliding-type, or Bi-parting type ShieldDOOR® to be added

  • offer valuable features and benefits described below

  • Download a brochure.

Advantages of Modular ShieldBLOCK® Systems
Over Traditional Poured in Place Concrete Systems

Pre-Engineered Solutions:
Turnkey radiation ShieldBLOCK® Kits complete with matching entry ShieldDOOR® available for your project.

Guaranteed Performance:
Radiation ShieldBLOCK® components are pre-engineered, pre-fabricated and pre-tested. The density is confirmed at the time of production before the product is shipped to the site for installation.

Reduced Installation Time:
Typical ShieldBLOCK® solutions can be installed in as little as two to three weeks which far exceeds con- ventional poured in place concrete, early completion means earlier patient treatment.

Weather Safe:
Pre-cured ShieldBLOCK® can be delivered, stored and installed during inclement weather which helps assure your project stays on track and meets your schedule.

The modular system allows you unprecedented flexibility for the future needs. If necessary, your shielding material can be removed, relocated and re-installed. This will often eliminate the "Restoration Bond" re- quested by so many landlords these days for cast into place concrete.

Increased Return on your Investment:
ShieldBLOCK® removable shielding systems/equipment may offer you the very beneficial opportunity to accelerate construction cost depreciation from 39 years down to 7 years. This yields significant early returns on your shielding investment, compared to the traditional 39-year depreciation for permanent concrete installations. Review with your accounting team to see how you may to take advantage of this cost saving benefit.

100% Guaranteed:
ShieldBLOCK® Radiation Shielding Integrity ... Guaranteed for LIFE!

For more information, PLEASE CONTACT:

Cari Barros,

Nuclear Shielding Supplies & Service, Inc.

(A Division of Universal Minerals International, Inc.)

4620 S. Coach Drive

Tucson, Az. 85714

Office: (520) 917-0661 ext. 215

Direct: (520) 838-0961

Fax: (520) 917-0664

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