Why Choose NSS For Your Next Project?
Our extensive experience with High Density (Heavyweight) Concrete (DenseCRETE®) spans over five decades of service to the nuclear, medical, and industrial radiation shielding industries. Our company can provide you with the supplies and services you need to complete your project successfully.

Cast in place High Density (Heavyweight) concrete solutions; you choose the solution that fits your space and your budget. 

Modular High Density (Heavyweight) concrete block systems allow you unprecedented flexibility for future needs. 

Grout designed as a complement to the NSS pre-fabricated modular radiation shielding units.  

High Density (Heavyweight) Aggregates are the main constituents of heavyweight concrete.

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Our design team will work closely with your design team, physicist, architect and contractor to support your needs and criteria. 

A new construction? An upgrade to an existing treatment room? NSS shielding systems will match your needs.

Our experienced design team will support all the key players, to make your project a success.

NSS maintains bulk stockpiles of processed high density aggregates at strategic locations around the United States, Canada, and in various countries around the world in order to meet short notice delivery requirements.

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